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Pet Obesity

Do you know how many calories are in your dog’s favorite treat? Understanding how many excess calories you’re feeding your pet in treats can impact their health. In the United States, the prevalence of obesity among dogs and cats ranges from 25-50% and lead to a range of health problems. 


Oral Health in Cats and Dogs

Does your dog or cat have breath that makes you take a step back? Do you notice your dog or cat has discolored or loose teeth? Is your pet having a hard time chewing food? Your pet may have periodontal (gum) disease. Dental disease occurs so frequently that it is one of the most common disease occurring in pet dogs and cats. 


Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

As the thermometer drops below freezing, you prepare appropriately for your daily walk. But how does your dog feel as you open the door and step outside into icy weather? Will that fur be enough protection to keep him warm and happy? Or are there things we should consider to make the winter more fun and comfortable.


Preparing for a New Puppy

Deciding to add a new four-legged family member to your home can be a very exciting time. Taking steps to prepare for the homecoming day will allow for a smooth transition for you and your new puppy.