Making technology easier


Ag technology can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of noise in the market. Many claims being made. At Mid-West Fertilizer, our strategic account managers are here to help uncomplicate the process and make it easier for you. 

We take the time to understand what you want and expect from technology. Then we work with you to tailor a digital ag strategy that’s comfortable for you.

 We offer a full-circle approach to a digital ag strategy and solutions. We’ll work with you from before the crop season starts, through the season itself, and data gathering at the end.

 Talk to one of our strategic account managers, and let’s discuss how we can capture optimal profitability for your operation.


Optimal Acre >>

This comprehensive, subscription-based precision ag program can be used by every grower.


FarmTRX >>

We make it easy and affordable to generate yield maps. Our retrofit yield monitor can be user-installed quickly on any combine.


Sustainability >>

The Optimal EcoAsset program pays you for new sustainable agronomic practices or ones you already implement.

Additional Ag Services

Our team is knowledgeable in a wide range of tech products and services, and they can help you with most any solution you employ.
We’ll work with technology you already have and determine whether it needs to be supplemented to best fit the digital strategy to the farm.

Some common technologies where we have expertise include:

Climate FieldView™

We understand that data is complex and confusing. Bayer’s Climate FieldView™ makes data management and decision-making easier than ever.

With Climate FieldView™, get all of your data in one place to leverage insights, prescription and management tools to optimize input investments and maximize yield and profitability potential on every acre of your operation.


John Deere

Much of our application equipment is Deere-branded. This offers some advantages for growers who also use John Deere equipment when it comes to data access and sharing. Talk to us for more details.



Set yourself up for the best possible yield by controlling what you can instead of leaving it up to nature. A multi-sensor probe provides real-time analysis of soil moisture, nutrient movement, and soil temperature.


Data Management

Data management services help provide a true check of this year’s inputs to help make the best decision for next year. 

Whatever product trials or rates you want to compare, we can work together to create those for any type of equipment you own. We also like to use check blocks or check strips to provide a more accurate ROI analysis.

 The more data we have, the more elements we can compare to better fine tune your operation. Let Mid-West Fertilizer manage your data for you so you can focus on aspects of your operation you enjoy more.