Efficiency meets opportunity


From speedy dump times at the elevator to expanded markets for your grain, Mid-West Fertilizer consistently looks to create value and maximize opportunities for your operation. We make strategic investments in our grain business to best serve our customers. And, because we are part of the MKC family of businesses, we can connect our farmer customers with end users around the world.


Convenient Marketing Solutions

We look to make doing business with us as easy as possible. This includes providing you with ways to do business when and where you want, with best-in-class service. Our online business system allows you to conduct almost any grain business with us from the convenience of your home or even your tractor/combine cab.

The system is designed to make Mid-West Fertilizer the easiest, most professional and convenient grain company to do business with.

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Local cash bids for counties served by Mid-West Fertilizer are available at ProducerAG.com or through the Mid-West Fertilizer Connect App.

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