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At Mid-West Fertilizer, our investments in agronomy services are designed to help our producers perform in the field and for their bottom line. Consider:

  • Mid-West Fertilizer strategic account managers are trained in agronomy science.
  • Our full-service agronomy centers are located throughout our sales territory.
  • We employ a fleet of application equipment, driven by professional and certified custom application drivers.

We also supply the highest quality crop inputs and back them with exceptional service. We utilize multiple seed brands to make sure we find the numbers that best fit your acres. And we carry products from all major manufacturers of crop protection products. Mid-West Fertilizer Agronomy starts and ends with the health and performance of your crops in mind. Reach out to our team, and let’s talk about how we can make a difference on your acres.


Optimal Yield (Seed) >>

Reaching your field’s maximum potential requires choices in seed that are selected based on how they’ll perform in your specific soils.


Optimal Cover >>

Cover crops prevent erosion, improve soil structure, increase organic matter, suppress weeds, increase moisture and nutrients in the soil, and more.


Optimal EcoAsset >>

Get paid for sustainable decisions. Get up to $25/acre for new practices or ones you already implement.


Optimal Acre >>

This comprehensive, subscription-based precision ag program can be used by every grower.


A Lender Who Knows Your Operation

When it comes to your farming operation, every seed, every ounce, every acre and every dollar counts. In conjunction with the Cooperative Finance Association (CFA), Mid-West Fertilizer offers attractive financing options to help you achieve production goals.

 The CFA Input Finance Program offers a variety of loan products to fit your crop production and marketing needs. Full-season financing for crop inputs is available at any Mid-West Fertilizer location – your same proven source of production inputs. 

With Mid-West Fertilizer and CFA, you seamlessly connect finance, agronomy and other production needs in a single visit.


Grain Exchange

The Mid-West Fertilizer Grain Exchange Program provides an opportunity for farmers to transfer bushels of their current year wheat crop to us in exchange for certified seed wheat for the next growing season.

Program details:

  • Customer transfers net bushels of harvest wheat delivered to any Mid-West Fertilizer for exchange of certified seed wheat.
  • Certified seed wheat in program includes conventional and coaxium varieties from WestBred and Croplan.
  • Check with us for current pricing for wheat varieties.


We got our start as a fertilizer distributor, and plant nutrition is still a core part of our business. Whether you need N, P and K, micronutrients, nutrient stabilizers, or virtually any product, we can help. We also are experts in fertilizer application, and we work with you to develop a plan that performs for your acres.




Prime-Dirt offers biologicals to maximize crop production through soil fertility at the biological level. We’ve seen that increased diversity of the biome can improve uptake efficiency and increase crop productivity, which is why we developed N-TEXX, an all-natural liquid soil inoculant that contains a broad spectrum of soil bacteria. Some features of this product include:

  • Improved soil health and tilth
  • Improved nutrient cycling and efficiency for greater yields
  • Improved yields, protein levels and test weights
  • Healthier plants have less disease pressure and more efficient on water needs
  • Improved ROI on nutrient investment through improved crop yields
  • Improved soil biological activity improves soil health and crop yields



WasteAway contains beneficial microorganisms and enzymes that can break down the tough lignocellulosic material in corn residue. When applied to fields, they accelerate the decomposition process, turning this residue into valuable organic matter. This not only helps clear fields for subsequent planting but also enriches the soil with essential nutrients, improving its overall health and fertility.

Treat manure lagoons, compost, poultry litter, swine facilities and other organic wastes with Wasteaway. Its high concentrations of carbon-digesting microbes continually consume the solids that, in an imbalanced system, become sludge and surface crust. It helps improve solubility of manure for easier pump out, and reduced crusting helps with control of flies and other pests. It also improves fertilizer value.


Pasture Management

Protect, preserve and conserve: the land and your business.

Pasture is your lowest-cost feed source. When weeds and brush get in the way, you need solutions.  

Mid-West Fertilizer partners with local firms to use drones for precise herbicide application with much less risk of drift than traditional aerial application. Choose from trusted products like Grazon PD3, GrazonNext HL, Remedy, Escort XP, and more.

Contact your strategic account manager or your nearest Mid-West Fertilizer location for more information.


Fungicides destroys fungi or inhibits their growth. Fungicides are used to control a disease during the establishment and development of a crop, to increase productivity of a crop, and to improve the storage life and quality of harvested material.

  Fungicides promote healthier plants through growth efficiency, disease control and stress mitigation. As a result, fungicides can produce higher crop yields, even in the absence of disease.


Our People Step Up For Your Team

When it's critical to get the job done right the first time, rely on Mid-West Fertilizer strategic account managers. They are here to help you successfully plan and manage inputs for your operation.


Professionally trained and certified


Accessible for dependable, timely services


Offering competitive products and services


Follow-up service for review and planning

Contact your nearest Mid-West Fertilizer location to get connected with a strategic account manager today.

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