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Game Fish Nutrition

Proper nutrition is one of the key management factors required in establishing and maintaining a successful fish population in a pond. 


Technology Inside AntlerMax® Diets

AntlerMax® Premium Deer Feeds are formulated to support every buck’s genetic potential for antlers, optimal reproductive performance and milk production in does, and promote strong and healthy fawns. 


Three New Feeding Trends For Your Alpaca Farm

The U.S. alpaca industry is advancing - breeding larger framed animals with more fleece on their bodies. These trends, combined with new U.S.-based alpaca research, are changing feed formulas and nutritional recommendations for alpacas.


How to Feed Alpacas Based on Life Stage Needs

A balanced diet is important no matter what life stage or goals you have for your alpacas - whether they’re producing fleece for sale, competing at shows or simply providing companionship for your family. 


Feeding Tips for Your Small Animals

From pet rabbits, chinchillas and squirrels to guinea pigs, gerbils and mice, small animals provide big fun for many pet owners. While these “pocket pets” may be lower maintenance, it’s still important to ensure they’re getting adequate nutrition. 


Three Things You Need to Know About Tortoise Food

As the proud owner of a tortoise, you know your reptilian friend needs good nutrition for its health and well-being. But what does a balanced, complete tortoise diet include?