A Look Into Row Crop Seed Supply in 2023

Oct 25, 2022

Every producer is aware of the supply chain disruptions and product shortages that the entire agronomy input ​sector has been battling for over two years. Chemistry production falling behind during the pandemic, fertilizer trade issues, foreign wars, and extreme weather events in large seed production area’s have all contributed to the challenges the industry has faced dating back to 2020. So what effect are these types of disruptions going to have on row crop seed supply for 2023?

Many of the world’s largest row crop seed suppliers, most notably Bayer and Corteva, are in the process of harvesting and conditioning the largest production crop they’ve ever had. There is going to be a very large pile of corn and soybean seed in 2023, both locally and nationally. We still have some logistical hurdles related to freight that don’t appear to be going away in 2023 but all in all producers shouldn’t have any fears of what the corn, soybean, or sorghum seed supply looks like for the upcoming crop year. 

How should I adjust my seed prepay strategy with corn and soybean supply being in great shape? You shouldn’t. There are two key benefits to a producer prepaying – maximizing discounts and ensuring that you get the hybrids and varieties that you want to plant. Neither of those change with a better seed supply. While there is a large seed supply were never able to be 100% accurate with our supply forecast. We forecast our upcoming year seed supply needs 16 months before it’s planted. There are safety supplies put in place for when that new hybrid outperforms expectations or for when we have an unexpected large shift from one seed product to another. Even though there is a strong seed supply that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all in the individual hybrids or varieties that a producer wants.

The importance of prepaying row crop seed doesn’t change with seed supply. By prepaying your seed with us before November 18th we’ll be able to secure the products needed and the producer reaps the benefits of the prepay discounts.