Is My Warranty Void If I Use MKC Oil?

Jul 20, 2023

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) fully understand that getting customers to purchase their branded oil and grease products can be very profitable, thus they strongly encourage customers to use their products. Sometimes they may even “HINT” that unless the customer uses their products, they may face warranty issues.
Enter the 1975 Congress enacted Magnuson-Moss Act. This act was brought forth to regulate consumer product warranties. Here is how it applies to the area of lubricants: The law reveals that manufacturers can issue specifications for oils used in their equipment to maintain warranty. However, they CAN NOT refuse to honor a warranty for using non-OEM products so long as the oil used meets the OEM’s specifications and is used in accordance with the OEM’s required schedule of maintenance.
That is the law in a broad stroke. A Google search of the act can provide more in-depth reading and it is actually very interesting. Another thing to keep in mind is that few if any, OEM manufacture’s produce their own oil products. The OEM’s put out their specs for bid and lubricant manufacturers produce the products for them. Often these are the same lubricant manufacturers that the OEMs “hint” that the consumer can’t use.
Here at MKC, you can bring your equipment manual in or call your MKC Energy Sales Consultant, and we will help you find alternatives to what are often extremely costly OEM fluids. Not only do the OEMs have to honor your warranty when you use our products, but our products all come with their own performance warranty guarantees against oil-related damage if damage is caused when used in recommended applications and in the recommended manner. The ONLY way that an OEM can specify using their proprietary product and deny warranty for not using them is if they provide the required product at NO CHARGE to the consumer.
The oil products that we recommend and sell at MKC meet the OEM specs and carry performance guarantees, or we will not sell them. PERIOD!!!!
We would love to assist in helping you save money on high-quality performance-guaranteed products at competitive pricing.  Give your trusted MKC Energy Sales Consultant a call today or call our energy central dispatch office at 620-241-1185 for assistance.

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