Digital Documentation

Feb 20, 2024

Digital documenting has become more and more popular in recent years. Opportunities to be rewarded for digitally documenting your farming practices and the number of platforms to use have increased. Having all your data in one place makes analyzing decisions in season and for future seasons much more accessible. Keeping accurate farm data stored in a digital platform that is easily sharable makes enrolling in carbon and other sustainability programs much more convenient. These programs open and fill acres relatively quickly, meaning having a good digital documentation strategy puts you in the best position to receive additional revenue from these programs.

Two options that have worked well for growers to start digital documenting are Climate Fieldview and My John Deere Operations Center. Both are great platforms for storing and analyzing data. My John Deere offers a free platform for growers to map field boundaries and collect data. My John Deere is especially great for those growers that run all John Deere equipment. However, non-John Deere data can also be manually imported. Fieldview is another platform that allows a grower to live stream data with some additional hardware installed. Still, it can just be used to manually record your field records as well, so it offers something for everyone. Fieldview is excellent for those growers who run multiple brands of machinery and want all their data in one place. Fieldview's pricing structure has changed this year and below is an image summarizing the pricing changes. To learn more about Fieldview, click here Digital Farming decisions and insights to maximize every acre ( To learn more about My John Deere Data Operations Center, click here Operations Center | Precision Ag Technology | John Deere US.

Also, it's not absolutely necessary to have yield data, but it does provide many great benefits to help you get the most out of your digital documentation strategy. If you need help with that too, we highly recommend getting a FarmTRX Yield Monitor system, which MKC is a provider of, because it is a low-cost ($2,250), simplistic setup that can be installed in any combine that is still in use today in a few hours' time. It can also be connected to stream the data automatically into your Fieldview or My John Deere Operations Center account to provide a complete digital documentation solution for your farm.

Keeping documentation at any level is a great goal to have for this growing season if you still need to start. Proper documentation can lead to great opportunities. Digitally storing this documentation allows for easy sharing and the ability to view data from anywhere. If you want to implement a digital documentation strategy on your operation, contact your Strategic Account Manager or Precision Ag Team at

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