Working Hard to Secure Your Future

The staff at Mid-West Fertilizer work hard to ensure you’re getting the highest return on your crop investment. From planting and in-season management, to harvest and selling grain, we are proud to work with Team Marketing Alliance to bring you the most progressive and comprehensive risk management solutions in our area. Our at-the-farm-gate approach to grain merchandising offers profit-based risk management programs by combining educated crop insurance decisions with customized grain marketing strategies.


Team Marketing Alliance

Team Marketing Alliance, LLC operates one of the most progressive and comprehensive producer risk management programs in the industry.  Our Grain Marketing Specialists have the expertise and knowledge to provide grain-marketing alternatives that revolve around managing revenue on a per acre basis. TMA’s approach to grain marketing is to bring our services directly to your kitchen table on a regular basis to customize your risk management plan. TMA is known for developing flexible grain marketing and delivery plans that truly fit the needs of our producers.


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