Weather Break May Provide a Window to Plant Wheat

Mid-West Fertilizer Agronomy Team

Focusing on four key areas can set your wheat crop up for success in the summer of 2020 and also take into account a probable soybean crop to follow. Data has shown that careful input selection can lead to strong wheat yields next summer.

Seed Selection - Certified wheat seed, such as Zenda, that is treated with Warden® Cereals has been a strong choice in the four-state area.   Pairing that with Ascend® plant growth regulator will provide a strong foundation as you head into winter. To learn more about Warden® Cereals and Ascend® click here.  

Fertility - Fertility should always begin with soil sampling. You will need to consider your 2019 removal as well as your wheat and soybean needs for 2020.  Consider applying Avail®, a phosphorus fertilizer enhancer, that has shown to help prevent soil fixation of phosphorus and make it more readily available to plants.  We are grid sampling now! Call us to get your acres sampled. Read about Avail® here.

Start Clean - Troublesome winter annual weeds such as henbit and downy brome have already emerged. Tillage or a burn down for no till acres will let your wheat get a head start on weeds.   

Scouting wheat at two weeks and four weeks -    Scouting at two weeks confirms an even stand. Scouting at four weeks will then reveal the possible presence of winter annual weeds that will need quick attention. Downy brome, field pennycress, and mustards can be controlled after planting, but our spray window will close quickly as winter approaches.
Call your local Mid-West Fertilizer agronomist!  We can set you up for success with all your wheat needs.