Topple Tough Weeds With StrikeLock®

Even the best herbicide won’t be very effective if it doesn’t hit its target. Or if it does, it isn’t able to penetrate the waxy surface of the leaf to make sure that weed is eliminated.
Herbicides need to get on the weed, through the leaf of the weed and into the weed itself to be effective. Herbicides that are water-based tend not to penetrate through that waxy leaf surface as well as oil-based herbicides. Adding an adjuvant to the tank that works especially well with oil-based herbicides helps seal the deal for weed control.  

Spring into clean fields

Any active ingredient that doesn’t hit it's intended target is money lost. These missed opportunities can also create herbicide resistance. And nothing good results in your herbicide landing in your neighbor’s field. If you are using a herbicide that is more effective when used with a methylated seed oil (MSO) and you want drift-reduction properties, StrikeLock® adjuvant could be the answer you are seeking. It provides both benefits in one jug and is easy to use and mix. StrikeLock® has undergone exhaustive testing at the WinField United® Innovation Center to help ensure its efficacy.

Targeted for tough weeds

Over time, weeds build up resistance to various herbicides. As a result, getting enough of a herbicide’s active ingredient into the weed where it will be eliminated is critical.
StrikeLock® adjuvant is a drift and deposition aid that contains a highly concentrated MSO designed for use with oil-loving herbicides. Features and benefits include:
  • High oil content, which contributes to increased herbicide activity
  • Exceptional drift reduction
  • Increased deposition and improved coverage to support herbicide uptake
  • Better-flowing oil compared to a traditional high-surfactant MSO
StrikeLock® is a high-quality product that mixes well. And with the added benefit of its drift and deposition properties, StrikeLock keeps your herbicide — and the money you invested in it — on track to the intended target.

Effective for burndown applications

I recommend StrikeLock® primarily for spring or fall burndown. There are a few things you should consider prior to doing a burndown. First, what weed species are you trying to eliminate? From there, determine the herbicide necessary to accomplish that. Then pair whatever adjuvant is best for that herbicide and those weeds. Many spring burndown situations call for using an adjuvant with an MSO like that found in StrikeLock®, which will make the herbicide more effective. 

Tank-mix partners

StrikeLock® works well with Section® Three (a grass herbicide containing the active ingredient clethodim), Sterling Blue® (a dicamba herbicide for use on broadleaf weeds), the WinField United 2,4-D line of products, and Avalanche® Ultra, which is effective on many glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds including waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, and giant ragweed.

StrikeLock® also has a place in the Roundup Ready® Xtend cropping system. We’ve seen improved results using StrikeLock® with the Xtend approved dicamba products, especially once we get into the summer months. StrikeLock is currently labeled for use with Xtendimax® and FeXepan®. Always check with the appropriate website and/or label to check labeled tank mix partners before application. 
Talk with your local MWF agronomist now about how StrikeLock® can help you conduct a successful burndown and plant your crops into clean fields this spring.
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