Boost ROI with Response-to funigicide scores

What does an RTF score do? It measures how a hybrid will respond to a fungicide application. All WinField United proprietary and partner hybrids tested through the Answer Plot® program have an RTF score. RTF scores can accurately forecast how effective a fungicide application will be on a hybrid-by-hybrid basis. Use the RTF score for the exact hybrid you planted to pinpoint the potential yield response from a fungicide application.

Is fungicide really worth the investment? Absolutely, depending on what hybrid you have planted! Not all hybrids are created equal when it comes to fungicide applications and their response to them. For example, some hybrids have a high response to fungicide, while other hybrids have a low response to fungicide, with very little or no increase in yield potential. This is why checking the RTF score prior to fungicide application is important. The foliar health of a corn plant is critical in producing high yield. This is because the ear leaf of the plant powers the photosynthetic ability late into the season. It is important to protect the leaves of the corn, which will, in turn, add yield through increased kernel depth. 

Not sure how to find out what your corn hybrid is? Ask your Mid-West Fertilizer agronomist for help in determining what the best fungicide plan is for you in order to see the greatest ROI.

The Answer Plot® program though WinField United, gauges RTF scores on 240 corn products every year. In 2017, based on data from 41 locations, average yield response after fungicide application was 11.2 bushels per acre. And the higher the RTF score, the higher the yield response.


Dont forget an adjuvant! In 14 WinField United trials at locations in eight states, between 2012 and 2017, adding MasterLock® adjuvant to the spray tank improved corn yields by an average of 5.7 bushels per acre compared to fungicide alone. Adjuvants are shown to improve spray deposition, increase canopy penetration, and enhance the adhesion. 
For more information about understanding RTF scores, fungicide application rates and more, give your local Mid-West Fertilizer agronomist a call today!