Soybean Pod Worms Threaten Local Bean Yields

Shelby Duncan, WinField® United Associate

Whether you know them as corn earworm or soybean pod worm, this little critter is a force to be reckoned with, and this year, it could be eating your profits. Agronomist, Levi Davis, warns, “If you’re seeing pod worms in your field, you may want to act quickly before they start to impact yields. In past years, we’ve seen these worms move in and defoliate before they move on to chew pods, leading to a 100% loss in some cases.” 

Levi goes on to add that scouting in the pod-fill stages is very critical, especially in double crop beans. When scouting, focus on checking pods for damage. While pod worms will occasionally feed on flowers, they prefer pods and foliage. The telltale sign of pod worm damage is a brown hole on pods, which can generally be found within the lower canopy.

Our agronomy team recommends treating fields immediately after finding visual signs. We’re seeing the best control in instances where a solid adjuvant like MasterLock® is used, since pod worms do tend to hide within the canopy and can be hard to reach. 

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