You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Hidden hunger needs aren’t always visible. Having a tissue sampling plan is a critical step in identifying deficiencies before visual symptoms occur. You can’t manage what you don’t measure! Well-timed and well-placed tissue samples are important to optimize field management. The early season period of a corn plants life is a critical phase in the development of the crop. Foliar tissue sampling of corn should be done before V6 and at tassel (VT).

The best way to diagnose plant deficiencies is with in-season tissue sampling. Tissue samples cannot tell you what the plant will be lacking in the future, so continued tissue sampling throughout the plant life is important. At Mid-West Fertilizer we recommend doing multiple tissue samples throughout the year prior to critical plant growth stages to monitor nutrient levels over time.
Relative to crop value, it’s a low-cost investment to help ensure healthy plants and high yield potential.

When you enroll in Mid-West Fertilizer’s tissue testing program, you can relax and let us do the work! Our trained scouts will collect samples and we will provide you with tissue analysis.
Within days you will receive lab reports. We can then create customized fertility recommendations. Staying ahead of deficiencies allows for in-season fertilizer adjustments to avoid yield loss.

Are you utilizing our tissue testing program? Call your Mid-West Fertilizer salesman today for more information about this awesome program!

Shown below is a tissue sample report for the crop in the photos. 
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tissuereport350-(1).jpg  corn350-(1).jpg  cornthumb-(1).png cornx350.jpg