Selecting Seed for 2020

Levi Davis, Mid-West Fertilizer Agronomist

When selecting seed for my growers, there are several things that I look at to ensure that I’m helping them choose the right product for the right acre.

The first thing is probably the most important part of the process. I get with the grower and discuss their fields. I figure out what their yield goal is for the field, the soil type, and the past performance of the field.

Now that we have a starting point, the process gets much easier. I will help them choose a hybrid for that acre by looking at past yield data that we have compiled from test plots and other growers’ success with the same product on a similar acre.

One tool that I like to use in the CHT chart in the R7® Tool by WinField® United. This tool compiles many years of data on hybrid performance at different answer plots across the area. This tool is very beneficial to me and the grower. It can help us decide how to treat each hybrid. It can give us an idea of how the hybrid will react to different factors during the season. Will in season nitrogen or fungicide treatment make this hybrid have a higher performance for the grower? The chart will give us a good idea what the answer is.

Lastly, I will look at the field a couple of times throughout the year to check the progress and see how the crop is doing. If there is something going on that we like or dislike about the product on the field, we will take note and look at that in the fall when getting ready to harvest. We can then compare that to how well it yielded. This helps us make better decisions for the future. 

Get with your local Mid-West Fertilizer agronomist today to start selecting your seed for 2020!