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Safeguarding cereal yield potential begins on planting day. Giving crops a strong start will help ensure even, vigorous growth, which inhibits early-season weeds that compete for water and nutrients.
The goal of seed treatment is to provide early-season protection against pests that can reduce early plant vigor and health, hurting stands and yield potential, especially when planting early into cool, wet soils.
Seed treatments deliver protection that results in:
  • Better stem development
  • More uniform foliar development
  • Excellent stand establishment and tillering
  • More robust root development for better nutrient and water uptake
A seed treatment like Warden® Cereals II contains three different fungicides to protect against a broad range of seedborne and soilborne diseases that can rob yield. Combine this with Ascend® SL PGR to provide vigorous early plant germination and emergence. Lastly, we recommend an insecticide like Nitro Shield® to protect against damaging insects. Choosing the right seed treatment is an investment that can make the difference between a good crop and a great crop. To read more on these products, click the photo on the right. 
Adding seed treatment to cereal crops can help with early-season plant stress, but it also helps create a strong crop that can better withstand stresses later in the season. Contact us to discuss seed treatment options that will help protect your cereal crops and safeguard yield potential.

Click the photo to read more about Warden® Cereals II, Ascend®, and Nitro Shield®.

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