Optimize your fungicide with an adjuvant


Adjuvants work effectively with fungicides and insecticides and may be used with herbicides and other crop protection products. Combined technologies in one crop-based adjuvant can enhance your spray coverage. When in the mix, adjuvants helps ensure that droplets are the right size, which reduces the amount of fine particles in the spray pattern and helps drive droplets deeper into the canopy for better deposition.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves spray deposition

  • Improves canopy penetration

  • Reduces spray drift and evaporation of pesticides 

  • Enhances spray droplet sticking and spreading for more coverage 

  • NPE free, therefore should not contribute to arrested ear

Improved Coverage

Adjuvants help optimize droplet adhesion, which reduces bounce and increases droplet spreading for improved contact and coverage. It also helps to get the droplets down in the canopy. The combination of increased adhesion, reduction in bounce and increased canopy penetration leads to more fungicide and insecticide where it is needed the most.

When application timing is determined, be sure to achieve optimal product performance by working with your agronomist to select the right boom height, as well as the right nozzle type, size and pressure — so you can adjust your own sprayer or inform your applicator about these specifications.


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