Kill Two Pests with One Pass

Mid-West Fertilizer Agronomy Team

We’ve reached that time of year where it seems like there is always something. Our scouts have already observed a need for fungicide treatments, and now they’re seeing insects too. The good news? A need for two products doesn’t mean you’ll need to make two separate passes. The two mix well, eliminating the need for multiple passes and minimizing application costs.
Know your enemy
A good scouting plan is critical in order to identify pests before they start chomping away at yields. “Insect pressure doesn’t simply add another element of stress to the plant. It opens up the opportunity for increased disease pressure, welcomes other insects, and negatively affects plant physiological processes,” says Mark Shelite, Agronomist at Mid-West Fertilizer. 
Determine the threshold
We understand that it can be hard to decide when to pull the trigger on these guys. Work with your Mid-West Agronomist to determine optimal application timing to maximize control. “Right now, we’re seeing severe Armyworm damage in our SE Kansas territory. We’re talking 3-4 per foot of row,” reports agronomist, Jared Albert. Our team can help you select the right product at the right price point to make the best economic decision.
Don’t sell yourself short

You can use the most expensive insecticide on the market, but it won’t work where it can’t reach. Insects typically feed in the lower, cooler, and more humid sections within the canopy, and adding an adjuvant can help increase the effectiveness of your insecticide applications. MasterLock® by WinField®United combines InterLock®and DropTight technologies in one crop-based adjuvant to enhance spray coverage. InterLock® in the mix, helps ensure that droplets are the right size, which reduces the amount of fine particles in the spray pattern and helps drive droplets deeper into the canopy for better deposition. DropTighttechnology, unique to MasterLock® adjuvant, helps droplets stick to the target: the plant you are trying to protect. Together, these technologies
give you a one-plus-one-equals-three benefit. They enable deposition to help insecticides stay on target, reach the pest and optimize performance.