Consider a Fungicide With Corn Post Herbicide Applications

While you are post spraying corn during the V4 through V7 growth stages, adding a fungicide into the tank mix is something that should be considered. Not only is this an opportunity to control early season diseases, but there are a lot of plant health benefits that come with an early fungicide application. 

V7-V8 growth stages are when the corn plant determines how many rows the ear is going to produce. The corn plant at this stage is growing at a rapid pace and is incredibly susceptible to wind or hail events. A fungicide can help by making sure the corn plant is disease free and can better handle the potential stresses at this critical time in yield determination. 

We have hybrid response to fungicide ratings on all the corn hybrids we sell and that can better help us identify the hybrids that will likely have the highest ROI to a fungicide application. There are also other situations when a fungicide should always be considered: corn on corn acres, reduced tillage fields that have large amounts of residue, fields that have ponding issues or trouble draining, or extended periods of very humid weather are all situations where a fungicide should be in the tank mix. 

Maximizing spray coverage with fungicide applications is incredibly important. Large amounts of water, 15-20 gallons per acre, and a nozzle that provides maximum coverage is ideal. Always pay attention to the application requirements for all the tank mix partners as well.

Jake Shelton
Seed Manager

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