Challenging spring weather will bring our focus to getting a strong start with burndown treatments. In 2019, the weeds are off to a quick start.

In burndown treatments for corn, farmers will see the best results when using a combination of products like 2,4-D with high load glyphosates. Residuals are also important at this time and prior to the emergence of corn. Adjuvants that utilize a crop oil concentrate, like Superb®, are important for controlling challenging weeds.

In fields being burned down in preparation for soybeans, the same 2,4-D and glyphosate combination can be effective. Using residuals here can also be effective in keeping fields clean where we anticipate delayed planting. When 2,4-D is used prior to the planting of soybeans, one must ensure enough time has been allowed between application and planting. The amount of time required prior to planting is rate dependent.

For details and specific instructions on burn down treatments contact your local Mid-West Fertilizer sales representative.